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Citylife is a fast-growing, ambitious real estate start-up, founded in October 2018. Starting with just 1 apartment, 3 members and a very determined team of 2 at the end of 2018, a couple of years later, Citylife has accumulated 70 properties and is happy with a community of more than 190 international members coming from 45 different countries. The success of Citylife lies in the co-living concept, which addresses the living needs of young people. It gives freedom and flexibility to young generations, opens the door to living hasslefree in modern and luxurious apartments in the heart of the city and at the same time engages with a community of like minded people. At this very moment, as you read this, Citylife is hard at work with new projects and growth. We invite you to read on, meet us and join the journey of reinventing the lifestyle of young people. If our story touches you, we urge you to get in touch. Because in order to accomplish our mission, we need great people to work with us.


“ Together, living life to the fullest! ”

We set our standards high. Our purpose and vision are to allow young people to live life to the fullest together with friends regardless of where they are located. We aim to provide the needed comfort and freedom to everyone Citylife has the chance to engage with, members investors, and more. This way we want to share our vision for the future and together, live life to the fullest!

Expanding the single apartment concept to buildings is part of our vision and is currently in the progress of becoming reality. One step further we aim to set foot in new markets within Europe and put Citylife on the European map as the upcoming co-living brand. This way, on our horizon, is to expand significantly in the following 10 years. We want to provide our members with 5.000 rooms in 2025 and build this to 25.000 rooms in 2030 and one day reach the target goal of 100.000+ beds across Europe.


We empower our members to create genuine happy moments together by offering a hassle-free shared living experience along with like-minded people. ”

Our mission is to empower our members to make the best out of their shared experience and to enjoy as many happy moments as possible. We simply take away the “gedoe” as dutch people say, or simply, we take away the hassle. We are passionate to improve the quality of life of our members by providing them with the best possible living experience. We do this by developing beautiful, modern, comfortable, and fully serviced apartments for young people seeking to share a home with friends. We combine this with a friendly and highly attentive service with a personal touch to each and every one of our members. By bringing people together we create a proactive and engaging community ready to welcome you. We make the stay of each member happy and hassle-free.

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We’re building a strong and positive culture, which is focused on giving freedom to be yourself, inspire, be inspired, explore and grow

To become the best coliving brand, we need great people to work with us. We are constantly looking for passionate and driven people.