Citylife culture

It is our strong belief that a strong and positive culture is a key asset for any company. Our fruitful and enjoyable culture gives the freedom to our colleagues to share the same values, be their true selves, and feel great at work. This contributes to productivity, success, and of course happiness. Who doesn’t want to be really looking forward to a day at work? Not convinced? Let us try and change that. 😉

Our team is the heart of Citylife and the culture is the beat that guides it. It provides us the soundtrack to be who we are and love what we do every day. We believe that we can be professional, fast-paced, and innovative while having fun, being kind and friendly.

The Citylife culture is all about being yourself, to inspire others, be inspired, explore and grow. At Citylife the tempo is pretty intensive but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have time for fun and the occasional video game or two in the office. We have created a culture where people feel empowered to take ownership and follow their ambitions and dreams. Next to that, we believe that people perform better when they feel better. At Citylife you share your time and journey with friends. We also prefer to talk about our members instead of tenants.

In order to test and validate (like a true startup) our culture statement, we decided to do a short experiment. We approached each Citylife team member and gave them 30 seconds to answer the following question: “What does the Citylife culture mean for you?” And we asked them to state the first things that come to mind. One of the most popular answers was “fun”. This is why we decided to also make something fun. Find how our team describes the Citylife culture by finding 23 words hidden in the puzzle below. Good luck searching! 😉

Core values


Members first

We do what we do for our members. We do our best to always be helpful and the interest of our members takes the highest priority. 


Deliver Happiness

 We believe that our success measures in delivering a truly happy experience to everyone we communicate with.


Together is better

This is the core of our co-living concept. We don’t want to only offer the best experience in our apartments but to also make sure that our members can share it and hang out with like-minded people.


Stay Hungry, stay foolish

In our view every team member should stay eager for new things and not hesitate to experiment. Comfort zones are made to be challenged and what better way to do that than with learning and growing while having fun at the same time!


If it’s up to be. It’s up to me

Every person in our team is given ownership of their area of expertise and is accountable for the success resulting from their work. We are reliable and we keep our promises.


Think yes

Yes, indeed! If a challenge presents itself, don’t hesitate to tackle it. Always be ready to go the extra mile and find a solution.


Work hard and enjoy the ride

A job well done brings a feeling of personal growth and satisfaction. We believe that we need to love what we do and that being happy in our work brings positivity and good energy in all aspects of our life.

Job openings

To become the best coliving brand, we need great people to work with us. We are constantly looking for passionate and driven people. Please reach out, we’d love to meet you.