Thu Mar 4 2021

Living group (Woongroep)

Living group (Woongroep)

If you would like to live in a 4 person household and you are a working professional then you must live together as a living group (Woongroep). No permit is required for this. However, certain conditions have to be met. The municipality of Rotterdam assesses this based on the way in which the house is used. The tenants must maintain a long-term common household. Please note that the decision of whether a certain group is a living group depends fully on the municipality and their assessment of the living situation in the group. 

To be considered a living group by the municipality your household must support a sustainable and communal lifestyle.

  • Sustainability

Sustainability means that the tenant’s relationship will be tested against social sustainability measures. In this case, it will be assessed if the tenants chose to live together for a longer period of time, and not just for the duration or (part of) a study. Thus, residents that are students and live together only for their study period should apply for a room rental permit and are not eligible for the living group.

  • Communal lifestyle

A Communal lifestyle means that all residents occupy the house, and the costs are also shared by all. This entails that:

  • No parts of the house should be used individually. Thus, this means no locks on bedroom doors, for example.
  • The house contains one shared kitchen
  • The house contains one suitable shared living room/ common space
  • The household costs are shared.