Tue Mar 2 2021

Contents insurance (inboedelverzekering)

Contents insurance (inboedelverzekering)

When moving into a new house you start thinking about where to place your belongings and even how to place them in a nice and cozy way. You of course will take precautions for your belongings not to be damaged in the moving process. But what about after you move in? How do you make sure your things are protected against any future hazards?

For this purpose, you are required to get Contents insurance (inboedelverzekering). With this insurance, your belongings will be protected against weather hazards, fire, leakages, and burglaries. 

However, if you do not do this, you become liable for all damages that occur to the interior, movable property, and belongings in your apartment. All the expenses for these damages will go to you, as the landlord cannot be liable for them. This can also mean damages to the floor or wall, for example. 

But the best comes always last! This insurance will probably cost you a monthly fee that will not exceed a one-digit value. Some insurances are as low as a 2€ fee. To achieve the best deal you can compare the different Contents insurance (inboedelverzekering) offers through this link.