Thu Mar 25 2021

Waste tax (afvalstoffenheffing) and Water tax (waterschapsbelasting)

If you rent a house in the Netherlands, you will most likely have to pay two local taxes: household waste tax and water tax. Every year these tax letters will pop up on your door. Do not worry about it in advance! We will explain what they are, so you can be prepared when the time comes.

Waste tax:

The waste tax (afvalstoffenheffing) covers the cost of collecting and processing domestic refuse. This tax has to be paid by every household and the amount depends on if it is a single-person household or a multi-person household. This tax is collected by the municipality of Rotterdam.

Depending on your income you can apply for a waiver for these taxes. You can make a request for remission (Kwijtschelding) for the waste tax at the municipality. For more information on how to apply for remission for the waste tax, click on the following link:

Water tax:

The cost of water tax (waterschapsbelasting) covers water treatment and sanitation. These two procedures are charged separately by the Delfland Water Board. The water tax is charged per household, independent of the number of occupants. This tax is collected by the Regional tax group ( Regionale Belasting Groep).

You can make a request for remission for the water tax through the following link. They will assess your income to see if you are eligible for the waiver.